New Feature For Dump Truck – Folder Uploads

Giganews offering of Dump Truck online storage has proven to be one of the most popular features that they give with their service. Their reliable, highly secure storage has made it easy for the Giganews members to upload, back up, and store their files. Now the Golden Frog team has announced a new feature they have added to their DumpTruck service: Folder uploading.

Importance Of This Feature

When you build your file storage on your computer, you create a system of organization that you are comfortable with. You understand, and are familiar with the contents of each folder…you aren’t very likely to accidentally delete, or lose anything. Before, when uploading to Dump Truck, you had to move your content a single file at a time, and if you wanted to have the files in folders matching the structure of your local storage, you had to create the folders and move the content around…a real time consuming hassle.

With the folder upload feature you can upload the entire contents of folders while maintaining the original structure. This is great for those of you storing large amounts of data, no ore having to recreate the folder and file structure it has already taken so long to create in the first place. And, with Dump Truck service you know your information will be completely secure, safe, and there when you need it fast…in the familiar form you are used to.

More About Giganews Service Benefits

Giganews has been one of our most popular and comprehensive Usenet service providers today. Their service not only includes the Dump Truck online storage, they allow their members access to VyprVPN, a nice touch to add in to a Usenet service, and even though they are known primarily for their Usenet access, they are going all the way to help their members by offering a wide array of extras.

Considering just the Dump Truck online storage service, this can stand on it’s own merits, but with the benefit of the VyprVPN service privacy plus Usenet access Giganews stands as the most complete provider in all of the categories. Because of the access to a complete array of related services, Giganews charges a little more than the rest of the Usenet providers, but if you are just interested in the Dump Truck online storage service, every feature you could possibly want in an online storage is there at an affordable price.

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