New Version of NBRemote Released: V. 1.0.5

Newsbin members will be applauding soon…the newest version of NBRemote, v 1.0.5 will hit the market and will bring even more convenience for your remote access to your Newsbin Pro client. NBRemote is a full functioned remote control for Newsbin Pro…it can be used to start downloads from virtually any type of mobile device, an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, along with the Android will all have this update available soon.

Bugs Fixed

Many of the users had complained of several nuisances, the settings, for example, will now remember sort orders settings, and your filter profiles, and have them available for you every time you open the client now.

The interface has been greatly improved…group lists will now give the last update, and the number of posts that are new for a newsgroup. There has also been a button added to mark all the posts as old, if you aren’t interested in the posts, and removes them from the results…less hassle going through posts you have no interest in.

Now if you want to get a good idea as to the speeds you are getting, there a perfect feature for that. There’s a speed graph that gets information directly from the Newsbin servers, meaning that the data will be more accurate without having to get anything from your computer and your mobile device.

Get Updates For Your Client

With the pending release of NBRemote v. 1.0.5 to the Android market you will need to get ready. You will need Newsbin Pro v. 6.30 to take advantage of all the cool new features and fixes. The travelers and stay-at-homes alike will love the convenience of being able to monitor, adjust, and initiate your Newsbin Pro client remotely. Getting NBRemote into your Usenet mix should bring in a even more enjoyment for any Usenet user.

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