Newsbin Announces The Release Of Newsbin Pro V6.3 Client

Newsbin has announced the release of their newest client version 6.3. They have included a lot of improvements that will interest many, some features and improvements are completely a convenience, but the conveniences are the type that will be enjoyed by all of their members. they make the system easier to use, your downloading more efficient, and this saves you huge amounts of time and effort.

Added Features And Ones They Improved

You will still be able to control your client from your mobile devices like your iPhone, or your Android. We find it a particularly handy to stay connected no matter where we are. There is a new authentication layout that does away with repeatedly entering the key to use the feature. Also added to the arsenal of controls, is the ability to shut down or send your computer into hibernation after the last download is completed. A nice feature if you want to have something waiting for you first thing in the morning, but not leave the computer on all night.

Download Previews For Video Files – Too Cool

Everyone that downloads video on Usenet knows that it is inevitable that you will get a download that wasn’t what you thought it was. Not only is this a huge wast of your time and energy, it’s a waste of resources that could have been used more productively…for both sides. Newsbin knows this and has provided a feature that will allow you to check out your download after you have only gotten a portion of it. No more wasted hours and untold bandwidth downloading something that you didn’t really want or need. Just take a peek after you have downloaded a part of it, if it’s not the right thing, then cancel the download.

Where And How To Get It

They do have a free version of the client, though the free version is just a trial. Buying the full version will give t=you upgrades and updates free for life, and you will have all the power that this full featured client has to offer. Downloads for Newsbin Pro V6.3 are on the Newsbin website. If you are interested in ending all the untold hours and bandwidth downloading the wrong files, then you need to get over there an at least check out the trial…we think you will be happy with all the improvements.

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