Newsbin Version 6.11 RC1 Released In Beta Testing

Public testing has started on Newsbin’s new client version 6.11 RC1, and to tell the truth, we weren’t too very surprised when they announced it. The developers over there have been burning the midnight oil to create this new release, and others that they have also announced.

In this release they have repaired a few little issues with the client, and the change log shows that one issue that causes the client to crash has also been fixed. But the change log showed one thing that really caught our eye, the implementation of remote control coding that will come from the new application being developed called NBRemote. And while this app is still being developed and tested, we found the cooperation between the teams of developers to be commendable.

There have also been noises made in the meeting rooms of the pending release of their client version 6.2 beta. This one is supposed to incorporate several new innovations including searching passworded zip files, RAR’s, PAR’s, and embedded .exe’s. This is a function we can’t wait to see.

On their download site you will also find a reminder that if you are switching from version 5.XX or older you will have to manually convert your headers. This is not difficult, either. You simply select a header, or group of headers, then right click on them. From there select “Import Version 5.XX Headers,” and sit back and wait. There will be a popup window telling you that the conversion is taking place, and a notification will pop up when it is finished.

In case you were wondering, or didn’t know, Newsbin is one of our top newsreader providers with a comprehensive search, thumbnails, and many other features. They have amassed a lot of tutorials on the use of their client, and in using Usenet in general. With their tutorials you will be browsing and downloading the Usenet files you want the most in no time at all.  You can find out more about Usenet accesson our website

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