NewsDemon Review

newsdemon Review
Pricing$10 / Month
Retention3535 Days
Free Trial?7 Day & 10 GB free trial
Quality99%+ Completion
Newsgroups #107,000 Newsgroups
Connections #50 Connections
PrivacySSL & No Server Logs
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansNo
Block PlansYes
ServersUSA & Europe
PaymentCredit Cards, Paypal
Support InfoLive support 24/7 / Knowledgebase
Support Email

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With good pricing, high retention rates , add-on services and a brand name Newsdemon is a good choice for a Usenet provider.

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Newsdemon Deal / Newsdemon Coupon / Special Offer

Not normally available nor easily found on their website – you can use our discount link to help you save $$. Using our coupon its $10 /month for Usenet access.

Newsdemon Trial / Newsdemon Free Trial Offer

Newsdemon has a 10GB and 14 Day Free Trial – that’s more than enough time to check them out and verify for yourself that their service is up to par.

Newsdemon Plan and Price Offerings

Newsdemon has a variety of plans and pricing options – we recommend that you use our discount signup unlimited Usenet for $9/month but for comparision purposes here is a bit about the non discounted plans:

Monthly metered accounts include a free 50% bandwidth bonus and 50 hi-speed connections. The prices for both monthly and block accounts are as follows:


  • 15GB: $8.99 (10GB paid + 5GB bonus)
  • 30GB: $9.99 (20GB paid + 10GB bonus)
  • 45GB: $12.99 (30GB paid + 15GB bonus)
  • 150GB: $8.99 (100GB paid + 50GB bonus, coupon code discount)
  • unlimited download volume: $17.99
  • unlimited download volume: $10.95 (coupon code discount)

Newsdemon Block Plans

Block Plans are generous and are expected to be used within a year: Here are the various GB levels: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500 and 1000GB block accounts cost $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $22.00, $53.00 and $87.00 respectively.

Newsdemon Connection Speeds And Server Locations

Newsdemon has servers located in the USA and Europe – you can test your speeds from their website but really the best way to do a speed test is to take advantage of the Newsdemon free trial.

Newsdemon Technical Details:

There are several servers and ports available:

  •, port(s): 119, 23, 25 and 80
  •, port(s): 119, 443 and 8080 (this server will be de-activated eventually)
  •, port(s): 119, 443 and 8080
  •, (256-bit encrypted) port(s): 563, 80 and 81
  •, (256-bit encrypted) port(s): 563, 80 and 81

All accounts based on the economy servers allow maximum of 10 simultaneous connections. On the other hand, the premium servers allow up to 50 simultaneous connections. 256-Bit SSL Encrypted access is given with unlimited pricing option.

Unlimited pricing option includes a free 30GB online storage account provided by (which usually costs $20/mo.).

Newsdemon Customer Service:

Newsdemon’s customer service appears to be good, we subscribed for the free trial and then unsubscribed 4 days later with no issues.

Newsdemon Service Conclusion:

In summary, we highly recommend Newsdemon for their solid service, high retention and excellent price. Definitely take advantage of their $10 a month / special if you are considering their service.

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