NewsgroupDirect Letting Terrabyte Tuesday

NewsgroupDirect just announced to us in our e-mail that they were going to have their Terrabyte Tuesday special again this month…but, this time they dug even deeper into the discount bucket. Last time they gave us 50% off of the usual $100 price. But this time they are giving even more.

4ยข Per Gig

Need we say any more. The price on a terrabyte in this Terrabyte Tuesday sale is just $40, and that price goes for existing members and new recruits alike. All of NewsgroupDirect’s block accounts are non-expiring too. If it takes 10 days, or 6 months, you will have the same access to their service. But you will have to sign up before midnight tonight.

Not A Slimmed Down Service

You won’t be getting a cut back service for your money either. You will get the same service as any other account enjoys, just more of it. Here are a few of the more important features of NewsgroupDirect’s offering:

  • Non-expiring block accounts.
  • SSL encryption, and up to 50 concurrent connections.
  • U.S. and European locations.
  • 1,305 days retention advertised.
  • Many credit cards and Paypal are accepted.
  • No other hidden fees or costs.

As one of our most popular providers, because of their block accounts, we recommend that you go over there and re-up on your limits while you can. And if your into buying by the block, then you definitely need to check out this offering. NewsgroupDirect’s Terrabyte Tuesday has a page, but if you’re an existing member, then just log in and you can make the purchase.

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