NewsgroupDirect Loving The Terrabyte Tuesday

Okay folks, we recieved this announcement a little late, so we will keep this post short and sweet! NewsgroupDirect has had such a great response from their members, and new memberships, that they have decided to pull the Terrabyte Tuesday special out of the hat again. The Terrabyte block account with all the bells and whistles included would normally cost around $100. But during this special time you can get the same account for a low $40…60% off the normal price.

What You Get For Your Money

This special will net you 1.1 TB of Usenet access, (due to a 10% header allowance,) and the account will never expire, at least until you use all of it. For a heavy user, a block account like this could last 3 – 4 months. With this block account you will get all the usual amenities, to include:

  • 1333 Days of binary retention.
  • SSL security available.
  • Non-expiring block account, no matter how long it takes you to use it all.
  • Advanced servers located globally to insure that your connection speeds are great.

Gotta Hurry…

Sorry about being so late on this announcement, apparently something went wrong with the mail server…hmmm. The start time for this special was midnight today, EST, and will run until midnight tonight, EST. If you’ve been thinking about securing a Usenet provider, this is the perfect opportunity to save a lot of money. Hurry to their Terrabyte Tuesday page and get your block.

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