Newshosting Announces New Client Out Of Beta Testing

We told you last month about one of our biggest providers, Newshosting, coming out with a new client for beta testing. And we told you back then that we would update you as the updates became available…well, here is an update. The client has been taken out of the beta stages, and they have added a few new features, and are adding a few more soon. It didn’t take the developers long to find any flaws and get them fixed, and now Newshosting is offering the client to their old and new members as a free add-on to their service.

The New Features Of The Client

I did say that they had added a few things, and were planning on adding others, well here’s a list of the most coveted of their features, both newly added, and existing.

  • Minimize to tray now functions.
  • Fast file searching and previews.
  • Automatic thumbnail pics.
  • Text and binary group support.
  • Post directly to newsgroups from within the client.
  • Date or newsgroup sub-folders are now created in the downloads folder, and sorting by file type is also supported.
  • RAR’s and PAR’s are automatically unpacked for you, and repair functions are also available.

Nobody’s Perfect

A new Safe Search function will be incorporated into the client. And although these filters aren’t ever perfect, this one seems to work pretty well to sift out all the unwanted pornography and keep it from your desktop. But be forewarned, no filter is perfect, especially when the challenge is there.

Over the past months Newshosting has put a lot of effort in insuring that their customers are happy, and will invite others and tell about the Usenet experience. Their drive to keep their customers happy and satisfied is only one of the big reasons that we recommend them so highly here. If you want to know about Newshosting or any of our providers, you can get a great start with our

Newshosting Review.