NewsLeecher Lets It Snow – And Adds In SuperSearch It

It’s been rather hectic around the Usenet grinding mill lately, and the improvements over at NewsLeecher haven’t gone unnoticed, but we have sadly been a little busy…so haven’t updated you on some of the new releases. Well, we’re going to make up for that now, because some of the improvements warrant a special article all their own, but we’ll get most of them in here, albeit a little short on each of them.

A Christmas Present, Just For You

NewsLeecher version 5 beta 8 has a cool new theme…just for the holidays. They also did a lot of improvements on the GUI, and other theme improvements. The Holiday theme will give you falling snow, it looks real cool, but can be a little distracting at times. To stop the falling snow without losing the theme, then go to “Settings ==> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks ==> GUI Theme – Allowed” and change the allowed. The GUI can also be placed into a compact mode, to take up less screen territory. This is also controllable from the “Adv. Nerdy Tweaks.”

Fast, No Headers, The New SuperSearch It

Starting with version 5 beta 7 their SuperSearch It feature was added to the client. This will allow you to search in tabbed views. You will now be able to search by post author, subject matter, or by the groups. The search is as fast as it gets, and browsing is also easy and quick due to the fact that headers wont have to be retrieved. Opening the SuperSearch It is a simple matter of clicking on the lightning bolt in the client now, or if you prefer there is a keyboard shortcut in the F4 button.

Repair And Extract Destination Manager

Put it where you want it, that’s how it really should be. And now you can, using the Repair and Extract Destination Manager (REDM.) The REDM is also backward looking, so the locations that you already have set up will be imported, not lost. The manager looks at the keywords contained in the article subject and places the repaired and extracted files in the exact place you wanted it.

There are other little improvements that the developers have been working on, several GUI improvements we didn’t list here, cleaning of the coding, and other technical things that only few of us understand full here…but, if you want to know more about getting Usenet access, you can look on our website, and if the NewsLeecher newsreader is something that could interest you, you can learn more in our

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