Newzb Review

newzb Review
Pricing$15 Annually
Retention Days
Support Infoemail, forum
Quick Summary Review
Huge library of NZBs
Fast search of hand picked NZBs
Find promo code below.

This is a fairly new Newsnab based website that has a great retention level, a large library, and indexes more than 125 of the most popular newsgroups. There are lots of benefits for premium members, and even though there are limits on the free accounts, the free access is pretty good. Continue reading this for a very special offer… Features

Since this is a modified Newsnab website, veterans will be comforted by the familiar, and new Usenet members will find it easy to figure out the nuances. Here a few of the highlights of their service:

  • 1,500,000 NZBs across more than 125 groups.
  • Hand selected NZBs for less junk and passworded files. No pornography is indexed.
  • API supported for most popular newsreaders.
  • RSS feed
  • Reliable comment system to help you find just the files you need.
  • Very active community. Rewards for comments.
  • BitCoin only. Memberships

There are presently only 2 levels of access, free and by donation. Minimum donation amount for full access is .05 Bitcoins, (or about $15) annually. If you have Usenet access through BitUsenet you already have premium level access. Here’s how the tiers work:

  • Free: 10 downloads and 25 API calls p/day.
  • Premium: 5,000 downloads and API calls p/day. Public Access NZB Indexes

Registration is still open to the general public, and getting a free account is easy. But, if you want to upgrade to full access for a limited time, then use this promo code on their “Premium” page: 7f18639c3. This promo code will allow you full access for 3 months…long enough to give a complete test run!

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