Newzbin Is Keeping The Christmas Spirit Alive Into The New Year

When they officially kicked off their Christmas promotions, lots of Usenet providers arranged for their specials to end just after Christmas, but not Newzbin. Their announcement claimed that they are continuing the holiday special through until January 4th…that’s a full 14 days, and time’s running out quick if you want to get in on the deal.

Existing And New Memberships

The best part is not just that it’s 50% off. But, they have allowed that every member, not just the new recruits. Everyone gets this discount, so don’t think you are out in the cold on this one if you already have a membership. Another huge plus to their holiday special is that you can buy up to a full year of index access, so your Christmas special can last until next years Holiday special…renew time will be just in time for next years holiday specials.

How Much Will It Cost

Without any kind of discount, Newzbin usually only charges £0.30 weekly and a £ 0.50 transaction processing fee. But, with the 50% off they are giving us, then you will only pay £0.15 plus the transaction fee. All this translates to around 45¢ per week, and an extremely low $12.99 per year…that’s according to the exchange rate we got today, you rates could be a little different, but not much.

Newzbin’s Features

If you are living or traveling in the U.K., you need not worry about the court order that British Telecom censor Newzbin, and Newzbin2…they have that taken care of already, just follow the instructions on their website and you won’t have any problem with access. But Newzbin has a lot more features other than that, just to list a few:

  • Access via IRC channels available.
  • NFO support as well as NZB’s.
  • Highly customizable search features and filters.
  • Search by name of poster, age, group, or file type.
  • Hand edited NFO’s, so there are very few spam postings.

More About Usenet And Newzbin

There’s lots more that goes along with the service. Their award winning 24/7 support is just a small taste of the icing on the cake. If you need more information about what Usenet is exactly, and how it works, we have a pile of tutorials, how-to’s, and other related information. If you already have access to Usenet, and was looking into a great indexing provider, we think Newzbin is one of the best. To find out more of the small details about Newzbin, and the services they have to offer, you can get more information from our Newzbin Review