Newzbin Pro 6.1 Available Move Over SABnzbd, It’s Remote

One of the highest rated newsreaders listed on our website, Newzbin, has announced the coming out of their latest client release, version 6.1, and with it comes a few small surprises. For those of you who were wondering about it and thinking in the direction of getting the newsreader, now’s the time to do it. If you haven’t yet decided, it’s time to give it a whirl, after all there is a 10 day free trial. And a one time $15 charge isn’t all that much, if the client works well for you.

What’s Been Added Into The Browser

In this latest release we noted that the processing of our RAR’s went much smoother and faster, among a few other bug fixes they made. They also changed the arrows to plus and minus signs everywhere. Failed header download retries has been hooked up as has the speed and time remaining displays. (Just hover over the taskbar icon.) The load drop down on the post list tab has been expanded to reflect a full 4 years, and now crtl-g will perform header updates for you. Some of the interface has been graphically changed and other cosmetics have been improved.

Competition Heating Up

We don’t know if it was their intent to compete with SABnzbd, but their addition of the remote control TCP commands was the coolest thing. Right now they are beta testing an iPhone/iPad app, and an Android application is rumored to be in the works. On their SourceForge page you can find out more about these projects, there is also a lot of buzz in the forums about it. If you want to know more about the new newsreader being released you can check them out at our

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