Newzbin2 Has New Site Address

Newzbin2 sent us a reminder email the other day heralding their new website home They had to get away from U.S. based servers due to governmental and MPA interference, and interpretations of the laws concerning copyrights. When they first announced to us that they were migrating their site from the .com to the new .es, things were still working. But, in their email, they said that all was finished, and everyone should update their bookmarks to reflect the change…we have already taken care of that small detail.

Reiterating Their Earlier Statement

Mr. White, the company spokesperson, said in the first announcement that the government and MPA was to blame for the necessity of the move. But, we’re not sure how many safe havens that Usenet providers may be able to keep finding. Earlier this month the Dutch government reported that they had removed more than 600 websites due to various copyright infringements. A trend that continues to grow globally.

Newzbin2 History, Future

Where things go from here is anybody’s guess. The British government already has a blockade in place and has been reported to be seeking to get even more. So far though, any attempts made at blocking Usenet providers has been met with workaround after workaround…in some cases, even before the order goes into effect. An instance that still has the British government hanging their collective heads in shame.

Update Your Software To Reflect The Changes

Since the first announcement we have been updating all our other software to reflect the change in the search index address. And, even though they said there was some functional disabilities, we haven’t found any since we started using it. 430 days of retention on NZB searching is still available, and the search brings results just as fast as ever.

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