Newzbin2 Review

newzbin2 Review
Pricing$20 / Free
Retention720 Days
Support InfoForums, E-mail, Tutorials,FAQ
Quick Summary Review
Loyal Following
Inventors of NZB Format

Newzbin shutdown in 2012.

This is one of our premier services that we cannot say enough about. Considered the Google of Usenet, Newzbin2 maintains “volunteer” editors to keep the site clean and up to date. Newzbin2 is the creators of the NZB file, and has earned a lot of respect in the Usenet community.

They search as far back as 720 days, and there is a premium service that adds a lot of functionality for you. Due to the recent blacklisting of Newzbin2 in the U.K. They are asserting that their British customers download their newest client that has the ability to get around the system that will be put in place…if it already hasn’t been.

Highlights and Top Features Of Newzbin2
(Free Account)

  • Customer support.
  • Access to IRC channels.
  • Search Newzbin2 files, reports, and NFO’s.
  • Site themes and preferences.
  • Details on the report are available.

With the free account you will only get the Newzbin2 Reports view, and the retention preference is selectable. With the paid access account, you will get all of the above and:

  • View header reports/file names.
  • View and download NFO files and NZB reports.
  • Exclusion filters, private messaging, and view/post comments.
  • Bookmark reports, and group lists can be customized.

Newzbin2 Summary

Newzbin2 has been in the Usenet game for quite some time now…They are the ones that invented the NZB file to begin with. Not to be confused with Newsbin2, one of our top Usenet providers and client, this is a completely different company, so if this search index service is the one you want, then check yourself carefully and make sure that you have the right one.

Newzbin2 is the search index that was banned from a major ISP in England, a blacklisting they search index provider provided solutions to before the ISP put the block in place.