NGIndex Review

ngindex Review
Retention600 Days
Support InfoE-mail, support tickets
Quick Summary Review
Costs a little but gives a lot.
Easy to use, lots of downloads available.
Image viewing and Thumbnails

NGIndex is a premium Usenet search provider. Meaning that this search engine will cost you a little. But they maintain an index that will search almost 600 days of retention, and more than 1,200 newsgroups. In their index you will find more than 1 million image files that can be viewed as thumbnails.

They also assert that they have more than nfo files and downloading nzb’s couldn’t be easier. While this is a paid service, this is not a Usenet provider, you will need to ahve access through your ISP or another premium service like Giganews, or NewsDemon.

The Highlights and Best Features Of NGIndex

  • Search by date, file size, number of files, newsgroup, category, or subject.
  • Filter options include: Search type, NFOs,Complete sets, Posts information, and the Output format.
  • 1,200 newsgroups searchable for 600 days of retention.
  • View images in thumbnails, or full size.
  • Select multiple images to download in a single zip file.
  • Automatically groups associated files.
  • Site personalization and group favorites available.

NGIndex Summary

As we said before, this is a premium service, but the cost isn’t all that much. For 1 months access you will pay just $2.49, but if you buy quarterly (3 months access,) you will pay $6.49. The real savings comes when you buy by the year though.

A $24.99 years subscription will get you an extra 6 months access free. That’s 18 months access for just $1.38 per month. With all the extras and excellent service they offer, if you use Usenet much, this indexing service can be well worth the cost.