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Retention800 Days
Support InfoNone
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The easiest, and simplest search site
All results must have PAR2 files included
Fies with NFO's get extra points is a relatively new Usenet search index that is very similar to Binsearch. Their goal is to provide the user with the simplest form of a search, and return the most relevant results possible.

Their approach is unusual in the fact that they include the file set size, (50 MB min.) and the presence of PAR files.

Extra points are given to the posts with an NFO file, too. Their engine won’t index a file that requires a password, so no more wasted hours of downloading to find the file locked.

Top Features And Highlights Of

  • 800 days of binary retention can be searched.
  • More than 3,000 newsgroups and growing.
  • Only completed uploads will be presented in the results.
  • Files must include PAR2 repair files, or won’t get listed in the results.
  • Files can be sorted by date, size,and relevance.
  • Best matches always go to the top of the list.
  • Files must be a minimum of 50 MB to be listed by this index.
  • All types of queries are supported, from wildcard to exact match.
  • Free, but the team would like a little input form their users so they can improve the engine. Summary

While this is one of the newest Usenet index providers we list here, they are on the ball. The minimalistic approach, and maintaining the best most relevant results will get them far in this industry.

Even though there isn’t a lot of features to the search, this does simplify things a bit, and the results we received when we used it were very relevant. If easy and fast is what you are looking for, check into this one.