NZBClub Review

nzbclub Review
Retention1000 Days
Support Infoe-mail
Quick Summary Review
Instant indexing for uploads
SafeSearch integrated
Encryption filter for downloads

This Usenet search engine aims to give you faster and fewer results that have relevancy for you to look through. Using their unique search algorithm they are able to almost instantly index any file that is uploaded to Usenet servers. They search 1,000 days of retention, and will let you filter out all the passworded files.

They have SafeSearch integrated into the search features, so you don’t have to worry about the adult material. They also offer encryption and RSS feeds, but the encryption won’t work for the RSS.

Features And Top Highlights Of NZBClub

  • 1,000 days of retention search.
  • Spam filter
  • SafeSearch integrated.
  • Filters password protected files out.
  • Watchlist. 25 collections max.
  • Browsing without downloading headers available.
  • More than 250 newsgroups.
  • Encryption available for those wishing it.
  • Absolutely free.

NZBClub Summary

On their website there are 2 options for your search…classic search, and browse newsgroups. There are a lot of filters though, to remove any unwanted material, and a watch list to inform you if an NZB you are looking for has been uploaded.

The cost of NZBClub is free, but we must remind you that this is just a search index provider, to access Usenet you must have an account from a provider, like Giganews, and a newsreader, like their Mimo newsreader.