NzbdStatus For Firefox: Now Monitor Your SABnzbd Client

The coolest new application has been released recently for Firefox, called nzbdStatus/ We notonly love it because of the way it works with our SABnzbd installation, but the fact that it is for one of our favorite browsers. We went over to the Firefox website to just check it out and here’s what we have learned.

It’s Ben Dusinberre’s first add-on for the Mozilla client, but he has received some pretty good reviews of the app so far. His DQ5 Studios does have other projects they are working on, but this is the only one that caught our Usenet eye. Firefox 7.01 is the version of the browser that we were using on a Windows XP machine. The add-on is exclusively designed with SABnzbd in mind, so at this point this is the only Usenet client that this will work with, although the author has promised more functions in that aspect.

Downloading and installing it was a simple process that only took a couple of seconds, as it is a pretty small download, and we were restarting our Firefox browser in no time. We experienced no problems with any of this part. We went straight to the configuration in the Firefox Add-ons, set the display, and other options to work with our machine, then went to work.

The installation will add a “Sent ToSABnzbd” to the right click context menu among the other things it will do. It will also place a widget on your status bar that will also allow you to pause and resume downloads, (all or individually selected,) open SABnzbd, and hovering over he widget will give you a pop-up that displays all the pretinent information on selected downloads. Things like time remaining, size, and speed will be displayed, but the kicker comes in here…you can also control the download speed from the pop-up.

The add-on has a website specific feature that will place a button next to your search results that will send the download straight to SABnzbd. Alternatively, there will be a button on these sites that will also send all downloads selected to SABnzbd. A few of the sites that this function works on are:,, and You will easily notice the extra button added in on the site searches that this function works on.

Most of the feedback we noticed was positive, but there were a very few people complaining. The main assortment of comments were feature requests, something we haven’t considered yet, as we haven’t had much time to play with it yet. So far though, we have had no issues or problems with this add-on, it’s worth checking out if you use web interface for your Usenet access often. For more information on SABnzbd, or any other type of Usenet access you can visit our website

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