NZBFriends Review

nzbfriends Review
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NZBFriends is a USENET NZB file indexer that has some very nice features to it. The site is easy enough that anyone should be able to use it at first visit. It’s got plenty of NZB files to search through and should keep most users happy with the variety.

There are quite a few search options on this site that make it very convenient as far as combing through the results is concerned. You can drill down your results by their age, take a look at the sizes and sort them by that criterion and, of course, sort them by name. You can also restrict your searches to a specific newsgroup, which may be handy for certain types of files.

The size filtering feature is particularly nice, as it should go a long way toward helping people avoid USENET spam.

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What it Offers

NZBFriends is a big different than most the NZB sites out there. Most sites have something of a community element to them, but NZBFriends does not, perhaps ironically, given the name. The site offers a fast and convenient way to search through NZB files and that’s it.

The site also has a search engine that’s really worth mentioning. It’s quite advanced and should make anyone who’s disappointed with what other NZB sites offer in terms of search functionality very happy.

Retention and Technical Stats

NZBFriends indexes more than 2,000 newsgroups at present, putting it well ahead of most of the competition. It has well over 7 million NZB files indexed already, as well. There is 1,200 days of newsgroup retention on the site. Realize, however, that the newsgroups that are not among the most popular out there may not get the attention that the most popular groups get.


NZBFriends is free. You don’t have to get a membership to use the site. All you have to do is go the URL and perform your search. There is a blog on the site where you can get information about what’s going on with the service and you can browse newsgroups, if you wish.

You will need a USENET access provider to download the content once you get the NZB file to point you at it. There are many find USENET providers available; make sure you get one that offers SSL encryption on your connection to preserve your privacy and for extra security, you may want to use a VPN.

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