NZBGeek Review

nzbgeek Review
Pricing1 p/mo
Retention1000 Days
Support InfoForum, live chat room
Quick Summary Review
One of the most social communities.
Over 500,000+ NZBs
MyBB & Newznab++

In the last year or so NZB indexers have been shuttering their sites at an alarming rate. But as an old site gets shuttered, another one pops up to take it’s place. Such is the case with NZBGeek. First they tested their site out with a select few people, and now they have declared it good, and opened it up to the general public.

NZBGeek Features

NZBGeek is a Newsnab based site that incorporates a MyBB forum. And, while the site is Usenet oriented, the admin asserts that they want to create a community of like minded techies, that happens to index NZBs. Here are some of the feature highlights:

  • 500,000+ NZBs indexed.
  • 50,000 members with 10,000+ VIGs
  • Plans to backfill to January 2011. (They are more than 50% complete with this goal.)
  • Updates every 10 minutes.
  • Completely free.
  • Monthly drawings for their Very Important Geeks, (VIGs.)
  • Super-cool chat and forums 

NZBGeek Memberships

Memberships start at free, (still a good deal, but only 2 NZBs p/day) and then start charging $1 p/month for the full VIG access. VIG access will give you use of the API for your favorite downloader, unlimited downloads, the monthly drawings and a whole lot more. They are presently accepting new members at the free level, but actively encourage new members to upgrade to the VIG status.

NZBGeek Public Access NZB Indexes

I spent a bit of time poking around in their chat room and forum, for the temp VIG account, you sold another one,) and found that the community is as cool as the admin wishes it to be. Lots of activity as well as the expected Usenet discussions. I believe that this site will go far, possibly even becoming the next Newzbin…

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