NZBGrab Review

nzbgrab Review
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This is a Newsnab based website operating with an Italian domain. In spite of their age, (going live early in 2013) they have a large library, a nice free account, and are constantly on the hunt for new NZBs.

NZBGrab Features

They haven’t said what their retention is, but with over 3.5 million NZBs indexed we are sure it goes back far enough to keep even the most discerning veteran Usenet subscriber happy…but, here’s are the highlights of their site:

  • 3,750,000+ NZBs indexed and backfilling every day.
  • API and RSS fully supported.
  • Free and VIP by donation access. (See below.)
  • Lots of categories and subs-cats.
  • No donation minimum for VIP access.
  • Highly experienced crew, for any kind of issues you may face. 

NZBGrab Memberships

There are only two levels of access, unpaid, (by registration,) and VIP, though the tiers are set up a little differently than most. Here’s how it works:

  • Free Account – For the first month you will be allowed 12 API, RSS, or grabs per day. This will increase to 20 per day after you show your loyalty.
  • VIP Account – If you need more than 20 API, RSS, or downloads per day, you can donate, (though a minimum donation hasn’t been specified,) and will get unlimited calls and grabs as well as access to a special area to make requests for items that you can’t find. 

NZBGrab Public Access NZB Indexes

Their allowances on the free access is a little unusual, but we liked the theory behind the loyalty thing. The no minimum donation is also an excellent idea as not everyone can have the money when they need the service, but maybe later would be inclined to donate a little more because of the excellence of the service. We believe that with their unusual methods they will take this site far. Well worth checking out.

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