NZBGrabit Review

nzbgrabit Review
Retention2000 Days
Support InfoForum
Quick Summary Review
110,000+ NZBs and 20,000+ members
Nice retention, lots of search filters
Prices from £1 to £50

Another fairly new NZB indexer on the scene is NZBGrabit. This site operates off of the vBulletin platform, so those of used to using the Newsnab platform may have a few pleasant surprises with this site. One of the biggest of these surprises is the ease of uploading files to their servers. This site requires registration to use it, but is free otherwise.

NZBGrabit Features

The system itself doesn’t actually host any files, rather it indexes the public access Usenet system which creates and easier to use and browse experience. As stated before uploading NZB data is easily accomplished and there are lots of tutorials on YouTube covering just this subject. The site presently lists more than 110.000 NZBs and has more than 20,000 members sharing files.

NZBGrabit Memberships

There are several levels of membership ranging from free to Lifetime Super Supporter with prioces ranging from £0 all the way up to £50. Here are the levels and benefits:

Free Membership

  • Retention – 20 days
  • Downloads – 10 .zip downloads p/day
  • No Invitations.
  • No Requests 

Lifetime Membership Pack (Supporter)

  • Retention – 1500 days
  • Downloads – 100 .NZB and .zip p/day
  • Piece Downloads – NZB and .zip.
  • Unlimited invitations and requests.
  • Private forum access and extra PM space. 

Lifetime Membership Plus+ (Super Supporter)

  • Retention – 2000 days
  • Downloads – 200 p/day
  • Both NZB and .zip file downloads
  • Unlimited invites and requests
  • Private forum access and extra PM space.
  • Access to XXX index at this level. 

NZBGrabit Public Access NZB Indexes

Even though the site is fairly new, the number of indexed NZBs and members makes them weak in comparison to other more popular sites like NZBMatrix and Newzbin. But in spite of this fact we are thinking that this site will last for a while because of their innovative uploading methods. They have also managed to motivate the more active members of their community to posting even more and interesting NZB files to share.

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