NZBLord Review

nzblord Review
Pricing6.95 - 12.85 Metered
 18.45 - 98.75 Unlimited
Retention Days
Free Trial?10 Mb/1 day
Quality99%+ Completion
Newsgroups #NA Newsgroups
Connections #NA Connections
PrivacySSL Available for Unlimited accounts
Speed1 Mb/s - 15 Mb/s
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansYes
Block PlansYes
Server Add.
PaymentMost CCs, PayPal, Bank X-Fer
Support Infoemail support ticket, telephone
Support Email
Web based Usenet access w/o the necessity of a newsreader or Usenet provider account.

Qualifying as both, Newsreader and Web based Usenet provider, NZBLord has created a new method of online Usenet access. With NZBLord, neither a Usenet provider account nor Newsreader are required. Downloads are handled in the browser, in zip form. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You are going to need the NZB files. There are several very good NZB search indexes integrated into the interface, and our list is here. (When FindNZB or another search is used from their link in the “New Task” window, NZBLord automatically begins getting your request as soon as the download NZB link is pressed.)

Step 2: Once the NZB is loaded to NZBLord, the service will retrieve the requested files from the Usenet servers. The files will be unpacked, repaired if necessary, then placed in a zip file. You will then be able to download individual documents from the file, the entire file, or add the file to an archive.

NZBLord Free Trial Offer Details

Even with the simplicity of the service, the free trial was a little weak for us to become comfortable. The trial is a meager 10 MB download size, just enough for a few pics, or a couple of small applications. For the trial account you will have to activate it from an email link that will be sent to you when registering.

NZBLord Plan Pricing Details

Including the free trial, NZBLord has 8 levels of membership. Here’s the basics of their pricing tiers:

  • Walker: 500MB of traffic, 1 day. Zip file number/size limit is 1000 files/100MB and speed is capped at 1Mb/s. Price = $6.95.
  • Bicyclist: 3 GB of traffic allowed in 7 days. Zip file limited to 2000/2 GB and speed is capped at 3 Mb/s. Price = $12.85
  • Driver: Unlimited traffic for 30 days. Zip file limits are 3000/5 GB and speed is capped at 10 Mb/s. Price = $18.45
  • Aviator: Unlimited traffic for 60 days. Zip file limits are 4000/6 GB and speed is capped at 12 Mb/s . Price = $34.35
  • Astronaut: Unlimited traffic for 90 days. Zip file limits are 5000/7 GB and speed is capped at 15 Mb/s . Price = $48.25.
  • Half-Year: Unlimited traffic for 6 months. Zip file limits are 5000/7 GB and speed is capped at 15 Mb/s. Price = $78.85
  • Annual: Unlimited traffic for one full year. Zip file limits are 5000/7GB and speed is capped at 15 Mb/s . Price = $98.75 

Main Features And Highlights Of NZBLord

Many have compared NZBLord to Easynews’ web based access, but the similarities end there. Internet access to the Usenet servers is a great for inexperienced users, but veterans may miss a newsreaders previewing, scheduling, and some of the other features. The website is simple and easy to use. Integration with the NZB search engine FindNZB (the search we used) works flawlessly. Once we had started the new task, and selected an NZB to download, the files were retrieved and prepared in just a few seconds, and downloading our prepared zip file from Chrome went off without a hitch. The site also has an Archiving tool, but we haven’t have occasion to use this yet.

NZBLord Customer Service

We had occasion to contact their support team and found that the response was fast, and courteous. The problem we reported was solved quickly, and to our complete satisfaction.

NZBLord Conclusion

Even though the trial is rather weak, if you are new to Usenet this is an ok service to give you a feel for the kinds of content and material you can get from the Usenet community. Veterans will find this service to be a very handy one when they are away from their usual digital devices and can’t install extra software, but that the limitations of not having a newsreader like SABNzbd, Newsbin, or the Newshosting Newsreader a bit troubling.

In addition their top end plan at $18.45/month is much more expensive than what you typically pay with other high quality USENET services