NZBMatrix On Mobile: SABSheep Has Some Cool Features

Until recently the mobile community hasn’t had too much interest in the Usenet community, but with their popularity just starting to boom, Usenet providers are starting to find more and more demand for mobile applications that will accommodate the Usenet crowd. The folks over at NZBMatrix have developed an app, SABSheep, that will browse their indexes from their Android device, and a whole lot more.

SABSheep was originally designed as a browser for the NZBMatrix, but has evolved and grown. Now it will send any downloads you have to SABnzbd and can control it remotely. The controls include: pause and resume individual or all downloads, check download history, check the status of ongoing downloads, add and delete files from you queue, and categorize your downloads. Quite a list of functions for a remote Android device.

There are only a couple of cons, and more than their fair share of pros to this application. The negative side is that you may not have access to NZBMatrix, the positive to that is that you will get it. Here Are some of the major features of SABSheep:

  • Built in VLC player,
  • Streams Video
  • Displays cover art with the search results.
  • Browsing past the 50 feed limit is allowed.
  • Built in SABnzbd client.
  • A free version is available.

The paid version of SABSheep will only run you around $1.29, and there is a free version, but of course, it has limits. According to the comments we have seen on the app, the most attractive function, “Send To SABnzbd” doesn’t function in the free version of this program. Since this is one of the most desired functions that this app performs, we predict that they will sell a lot of copies of this. if you would like too learn more about Usenet access through NZBMatrix you can readabout it on our website

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