NzbNdx Review

nzbndx Review
Retention2000 Days
Support Infoemail, forum
Quick Summary Review
Long retention, huge library.
Nzbs hand picked.
Additional savings available

With an index that goes as far back as 2008 across at least 115 groups, this Newsnab based website has already indexed more than 1.8 million NZBs. This site is clean and well thought out by the developers and as they backfill the 115 groups they are presently indexing, they plan on adding even more groups and NZBs to those tallies.

NzbNdx Features

Along beside the standard Newsnab features on the site they have a separate discussion forum, called GrumpySupport, that is just about for anything a person can imagine as well as the support for the site. Here are a few more of the highlights of the site:

  • Retention of more than 5 years.
  • 115 newsgroups with 1.8 Million NZBs.
  • Lots of categories.
  • Simple and Raw searches.
  • API and RSS fully supported.
  • Open to the general public.
  • Ad supported, but no misleading ads. 

NzbNdx Memberships

Presently there are only 2 levels of access…free and VIP. Here’s how the levels work:

  • Registered – 25 API and 250 downloads per day
  • $12 VIP Account – 5,000 API calls and 450 downloads per day. The subscription is annual.
  • Additional savings for paying for multiple years in advance. 

NzbNdx Public Access NZB Indexes

Currently payment processing is by hand, so it may take from an hour to 24 hours for your account to be fully activated, and they have a very strict no refund policy. In spite of the no refunds, we believe that the free access is enough to convince you of the services they are providing. And, with forum support for anything that could possibly go wrong, we believe that this site will last a long time.

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