Nzbsooti Review

nzbsooti Review
Retention900+ Days
Support InfoEmail, forums
Quick Summary Review
Good free accounts.
API/RSS supported
One-time $10 donation.

This site went live in early 2013, so is a relatively new website. They have free and paid access, 900 days of retention, and have more than half a million NZBs indexed. And, registration is presently open to the general public to this Newsnab site.

Nzbsooti Features

As the site is a Newsnab based website, veterans and newbies alike will find it comfortable and easy to use. There are plenty of categories and handy access to the RSS and API. Here are a few more of the highlights:

  • 900 days retention.
  • 500,000+ NZBs, (200,000 in the mp3 category alone.)
  • No spam, junk, passworded, or fake files.
  • Simple and Raw search.
  • Forum for fast answers to your support questions. 

Nzbsooti Memberships

There are two levels of membership, free and VIP. The free account will get you 10 downloads and 30 API calls p/day, but if you need more, a one time donation of $10 will get you an additional:

  • 500 downloads and 5,000 API calls p/day.
  • Release requests and more categories p/request.
  • Up to 5 invites.
  • Preview audio and screenshots from video.
  • View PreData.
  • Access to a special VIP area in the forums. 

Nzbsooti Public Access NZB Indexes

While the free account was okay to check them out, we found that the extended features in the VIP access to make the one-time $10 donation worth it. And, it goes to keep a pretty decent NZB indexer up-n-running.

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