NZBVortex Updates and Improves their Mac Client

Earlier this month NZBVortex, one of our more popular programs, released an update for their client specific to Mac users…yes guys, the developers love you too. But, the new version 2.5 for OSX, received a little tweaking, a little love, and a lot of improvements…we couldn’t sit still when we headed that way and got a copy to test drive.

The first thing we noticed was that they had added the ability to add RSS feeds to the search screen. They have also improved the way which the client handles Canadian renamed files that are uploaded. While they were fixing the name handling component they also provided better support for misnamed files. They also added a sleep and speed limit baloon to alert you when these are in use. In all they sent a lot of time improving, adding, and fixing the client, here are a few of the fixes they list that stood out to us.

Features, Functions, and Major Improvements Of NZBVortex

  • Improved renaming and naming functions. This is most apparent with Canadian uploads, but there are other funky little NZB renaming repairs.
  • Reminder balloons for the speed limiter and sleep functins.
  • More control over the processing.
  • RSS and clean-up now allow wildcard statements.
  • Right click will allow you to change prioritization.
  • Download merging is now supported.
  • HDD cacheing for instances of limited space. This is great if you have a SSD type HDD.

I you have a Mac, or have been a fanatic for a while, then you need to check out this latest offering of NZBVortex. In the end, we didn’t feel shortchanged, and the improvements made in the client were needed. The client isn’t a free one though, They do offer a free version for those wishing to check it out, but to open the client completely and enjoy all your Usenet freedoms you will have to pay $19.95. They accept most every form of credit and debit cards, and of course, Paypal.

Our Impression On NZBVortex

While we didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time with the client, we were impressed with the improvements that the development team has made. They were actually fixing things that people thought were important. To use NZBVortex you will have to have Usenet access, we have reviews on most all of them on our site here.