NZBZombie Review

nzbzombie Review
PricingCompletely Free
Retention Days
Support InfoEmail, forums
Quick Summary Review
Large library
Easy to use, clean layout
Massive computing power.

Another site that opened in December of 2012, NZBZombie has allowed the world of zombies to invade the Usenet scene. With an always open registration, API, and phpBB3 forums, this Newsnab based site is promises great retention, good speeds, and a rather large library covering most of the most popular newsgroups on Usenet today.

NZBZombie Features

Along with the usual set of Newsnab features, there is RSS support and API integration on an Ubuntu server with 4 CPUs and 512 MB of RAM. Here are a few more of the more pertinent specs:

  • 1 million + NZBs indexed across at least 55 newsgroups.
  • Continuous Updating.
  • 12,000 member community active in their forums.
  • Always open registration.
  • Always free, though donations are greatly appreciated.
  • US based so DMCA take-downs are always honored. 

NZBZombie Memberships

Full access to the 1 million + NZBs is always free. The site does however accept donations, and the more of these they get the fewer advertisements that will have to be run to support the site. The forums are friendly and the support staff are always understanding and helpful.

NZBZombie Public Access NZB Indexes

It’s the goal of NZBZombie to create a community that treats all of the users as VIPs. The boards and support are designed to offer a place to socialize and get their issues resolved. Once again, there is no fee for registration, and access, to all their indexed NZBs, but the more donations they get the fewer pop-ups and ads you will have to deal with.