Olduse.net – The Usenet Of Thirty Years Ago Today

Remember the “Good Old Days.” The Days back when you used to walk to school in the snow every day…even in the summer, and it was uphill both ways? Well, I do, and I often tell my kids about it…even though they don’t believe me. My youngest tells me that if we had pics to prove it they wouldn’t doubt my word. The wife finds this pretty funny.


But evolution has a way of just leaving the old, outdated, and unused behind to be forgotten. And history has a way of repeating itself. The internet has evolved over the years to come from a small network of computers called Usenet into the global powerhouse that it is today. Controlling global economies and shaping government policies, and now there are few who remember the old days. The days when the internet, and Usenet in particular, was a difficult to find screen that was black with green or maybe red lettering. Back then it was kind of hard to use, too.


My kids tell me that if I only had the proof of my daily childhood uphill task they would be more inclined to believe it, and now I can…at least for some of the stories I give them about the “Good Old Days” on Usenet. Now there’s a website that has the good old days right on their front page for those of us yearning for the nostalgia, or just trying to prove to the ones that are too young to remember. At olduse.net the Usenet of 30 years ago is being posted even as we speak.


We’re not exactly sure of their motivation, maybe they have kids that wanted the proof too, but the website is running posts from 30 years ago that are in the archives still. This means that you will still be able to post, just not able to see the post for at least 30 years. What a way to have a blast from the past.


I’m sure that if you decide to post something, either you won’t remember it in 30 years, or won’t be around to see it get read. But the educational value of the site is definitely there, for those who don’t remember, or are too young to know about it.