PlanetNewsgroup Review

planetnewsgroup Review
PricingUnlimited - $17.95 /Month
 30 GB / month - $11.95 / month
 15 GB /month - $7.95 / month
Retention Days
Free Trial?No
Quality99% Completion
Newsgroups # Newsgroups
Connections #8 Connections
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansYes
Block PlansNo
PaymentMajor Credit Cards
Support InfoEmail support

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This provider is no longer available under this name. If you try to visit their website, you will automatically be redirected to

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PlanetNewsgroup Deal / PlanetNewsgroup Coupon / Special Offer

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PlanetNewsgroup Trial / PlanetNewsgroup Free Trial Offer

There is 7 day, 15 GB free trial (comes with unlimited package) available. Let’s also mention that free trials are available only to customers that are paying by US credit card.

PlanetNewsgroup Plan and Price Offerings

PlanetNewsgroup offers 2 plan types: unlimited and block plans. I typically recommend paying the $12 a month for the unlimited plan.

The prices for unlimited and metered packages are:

  • unlimited: $20/month, 30 GB of online storage is included (provided by StorageNinja)
  • unlimited yearly: $200 / year, 30 GB of online storage is included
  • Power plan: $15/month, 60 GB of download limit, SSL encryption included
  • Pro plan: $12/month, 40 GB of download limit, SSL encryption included
  • Starter plan: 8/month, 20 GB of download limit
  • 50GB Block: $15

PlanetNewsgroup Block Plans

The block account will never expire.

PlanetNewsgroup Connection Speeds And Server Locations

PlanetNewsgroup has servers located in the USA and servers in the Europe. Download speeds are typically limited by your own connection to the Internet as PlanetNewsgroup connects to multiple Internet backbones.b

PlanetNewsgroup Technical Details:

The servers are available at the following addresses:

  • – ports 119, 443 (for all customers from USA)
  • – ports 563, 80 – (for all customers from USA using SSL)
  • – ports 119, 443 – (for all customers from USA)
  • – ports 563, 80 – (for all customers from USA using SSL)

As you have already noticed, SSL encryption is available. Although some options do not offer SSL, the subscriber can upgrade to a higher plan that supports SSL simply by logging into the website.

PlanetNewsgroup Customer Service:

PlanetNewsgroup’s customer service appears to be decent. They are a small company and its email only however.

PlanetNewsgroup Quality And Message Completion:

PlanetNewsgroup claims to have about 99%+ message availability and this seems normal.

PlanetNewsgroup Service Conclusion:

Decent service, they have some nice features (such as free trial and free online storage) and let’s mention that the retention is good. However, the price for unlimited package is not best on market if you are looking for bottom line and cheapest but $12/month isn’t bad.

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