Running on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion? NZBVortex’s New Version Now Supports it!

The new version of NZBVortex is compatible with the new version of the Mac OS X Lion. Replacing an older version of the same type of newsreader, the NZBVortex now has a MAC Usenet client that can work with any type of Operating System. The new release is exciting because the NZBVortex is such a great client.

nzbvortex screenshotUsers rave about the ability to easily search through the client and navigate all of the different features easily. The NZBVortex also has a great look, which makes it an appealing option for a lot of users.

The design of the NZBVortex is clean and intuitive, so you may have a much easier time getting used to this program instead of some of the others on the market. In addition to MAC OS X Lion compatibility, this new release is also sporting a lot of great new features.

You can now create your own groups and auto match them to specific queues. The RSS feeds and forums have also been improved, which makes it quick and easy for you to access all of your data. NZBVortex has also taken the initiative to fix some issues that occurred with their last release, such as multiple system launches and a welcome message that continuously pops up.

NZBVortex is one of the most popular Usenet clients for a reason. Users rate this program much higher than some of the other programs available, and they have put even more effort into designing a fantastic client.

They are continuing to create innovative solutions to conflicts, and they are continually updating their client with new releases. An NZBVortex license only costs $19.95, so you can get started whenever you want to and try out all of the features for yourself to see if this client is the right one for you.

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