SABnzbd Developers Issue Maintenance Release

The development team has announced the release of a maintenance version…v 0.6.15. The release will ensure all functions operate properly and securely. This is one of the most popular readers in the Usenet community…partially because of it’s flexibility, and partially because of the cost, free.

About The Release

The version 0.6.15 release originally occurred on Feb 3rd as a maintenance update. Since there were no major changes to the client, users won’t have an re-learning curve that goes along with it. In the forums it has been reported that the software improvements include:

  • OSX extended menu – Now it includes troubleshooting option tabs.
  • Newzbin URL – Has been changed in the client to reflect the correct URL.
  • Post Processing – You can now flag files as failed if it can’t be copied or moved to the destination you determined.

There are a few surprises for the Linux users too:

  • Plush Skin – Locale construction can now be moved to python code.
  • Pickle Library – If you don’t like cPickle, a new setting will let you use the pickle library.

What’s The Use Of Maintenance Updating

The few changes listed here are just a small example of the highlights of the full scope of this maintenance update. There are other “behind the scenes” changes that many won’t notice, and if you keep up with the maintenance updates, there isn’t so much to download when a major update comes out. Many major updates require that the maintenance updates are in place.

The Beauty Of SABnzbd

Convenience, ease of use, features that are useful, and cost…all these things have managed to attract quite a large following for SABnzbd. Firefox, Android and Mac’s all have extensions and plug-ins to make the use and operation convenient. The integration of the systems and browsers helps the developers keep your Usenet experience even more fulfilling.

The SABnzbd interface is on of the best and easiest to use among the newsreaders. They have kept it up to date and provided easy access to all the most popular plug-ins and functions. Usenet may be an “Old School” system, but keeping the newsreaders and other clients up to date serves to expand the Usenet users experience.

If you have been looking for a newsreader, SABnzbd should be on the list of readers to checkout. The reliability of the client, flexibility, choice of OSes, and constant improvements make it one of the most popular newsreader in the free category. Check SABnzbd out and send us a tweet to tell us how you liked it. You can also stay completely up to date on all the latest Usenet community new by following us at: @usenetreviewz.