SABnzbd On Your Mobile, Here’s Some New Apps To Add

Completing your Usenet package was easy, wasn’t it? Just round the whole thing out with an installation of SABnzbd on the smartphone. And this would be perfect except that you have no real control over everything that SABnzbd is capable of. If you want to control or change your queue, pause and resume, or browse Matrix files. There are apps for these purposes and more. In this article we’ll be outlining the best of the most popular to customize your installation of SABnzbd and make it much more useful to you.


For You iOS Users


Since there is a version of SABnzbd for the iOS devices, there is a whole plethora of apps that just snap right on into the client. Here’s our short list of the most useful and popular.


  • SABMobile: This one will let you remotely monitor, and control your downloads, pause/resume, switch profiles, and other operations; supports HTTPS and HTTP, has an RSS reader, and a built in browser. If you want a fully functional app it costs $2.99
  • myNZB: This app isn’t just for the smartphone users, but any device with iOS. This one provides complete control over the SABnzbd installation. Remotely control your download speed, pause/resume, change you queue around, and this has access to around 12 or so NZB index sites. This little gem is $2.99.
  • SABcommand: this works great on any iOS device, but takes full advantage of the visual real estate on an iPad. Lacks a few features, but over all a pretty good buy, and you won’t be visually disappointed at $2.99.



Many of the apps that are available for the iOS users have been duplicated for the Android enthusiasts, and for the most part operate the same way and just as well as their iOS version does. Here’s the apps.


  • SABcontrol: For remotely monitoring and controlling your downloads. Features include temporary pause, pause/resume, change queue priorities, and switch profiles. It supports HTTPS and HTTP. There is a free version which works quite well, but if you need some of the features that will be missing you will need to pay $1.40.
  • SABMobile: The same as with the iOS version. This is to control, monitor and change your downloads remotely. There is a browser and RSS reader built in, and the Android version will cost you $283. But, with all the features we’re sure you will find that it’s worth it.
  • SABsheep: If you browse files at NZBMatrix, you are going to need this app. You can even stream incomplete downloads to a VLC mobile. It is considered one of the best browsers today for the SABnzbd client. Even though it is the best, it os the cheapest of all the apps listed here at $1.29.


As we always do, we looked over these apps listed here and checked them for ease of use, installation, and cost. We wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves on an app we recommended.