Simply Usenet Review

simply usenet Review
Pricing$19 Monthly Paid Monthly
Retention Days
Free Trial?Yes
Quality99%+ Completion
Newsgroups #65,000 Newsgroups
Connections #20 Connections
PrivacySSL Available
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansYes
Block PlansNo
ServersNetherlands Only
PaymentCredit Cards, UK Banking
Support InfoEmail Support
Support Email is a reseller of dutch based xsnews.  Although they are a reseller they do not really add anything of value other than the translated website nor is their service a good deal. For these reasons reason we recommend our list of top Usenet services instead.

SimplyUsenet Deal / SimplyUsenet Coupon / Special Offer

SimplyUsenet does not have any special offers at the moment. Keep checking our website for updates / special offers if you want we are recommending other providers as mentioned above.

SimplyUsenet Trial / SimplyUsenet Free Trial Offer

SimplyUsenet currently has no free trial offer. Easynews has the best free trial offer currently.

SimplyUsenet Plan and Price Offerings

They offer only options with unlimited traffic. These packages differ according the number of connections, or, in other words, the speed they are offering. Let’s examine which packages these are:

  • 2 Mb unlimited: 2 high-speed connections, £3/month (yearly subscription) and £4/month (quarterly subscription)
  • 8 Mb unlimited: 8 high-speed connections, £5/month (yearly subscription) and £6/month (quarterly subscription)
  • 16 Mb unlimited: 16 high-speed connections, £8.40/month (yearly subscription) and £8.99/month (monthly subscription)
  • 24 Mb unlimited: 24 high-speed connections, £7/month (yearly subscription) and £8/month (quarterly subscription)
  • 50 Mb unlimited: 32 high-speed connections, £9/month (yearly subscription) and £10/month (quarterly subscription)

SimplyUsenet Block Plans

No block plans available.

SimplyUsenet Connection Speeds And Server Locations

SimplyUsenet has servers located Netherlands. As mentioned they resell Xnews Usenet service.

SimplyUsenet Technical Details:

The server address is, available on port 119. 256 bit SSL encryption is provided as well; it comes for free with all accounts. For SSL, the server uses ports 563 and 443. They allow between 2 and 32 simultaneous connections, depending on the speed package the subscriber has chosen. Currently, they are expanding their network, building another server farm which will be located in the USA.

SimplyUsenet Customer Service:

SimplyUsenet’s customer service is email only. We haven’t tested their support out so we can’t say for sure what it is like though.

SimplyUsenet Service Conclusion:

SimplyUsenet caters to users in the UK seeking unlimited or rate limited downloads. Unfortunatetly, their service is not competitive and if you are seeking high speed and/or high quality downloads we would recommend our  list of top rated Usenet services instead