The 2012 Usenet Providers Award: Giganews

For the last year the partnership between Golden Frog and Giganews has not only been paying off for the Giganews and Golden Frog teams well, but their members have been reaping the rewards as well. They started out on 1994 by providing quality Usenet services and have continued to concentrate all their efforts there ever since. Up until this point, Giganews has provided the kind of services that legends are made of, and have built up their reputation to one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Looking At The Last 12 Months

Since our awards are centered around the last years worth of service, we will give you a quick run down of their advances, and improvements I service. They started out early by eliminating the possibility of your being hijacked by a “Man in the middle” attacks, then moved on to improve on the Mimo Usenet Newsreader. From there they developed their VyprVPN app, upped their retention, and then launched the Dump Truck online storage…Quite the bus little beavers, huh?

A Cadillac Among Usenet Providers

If price isn’t as important as access reliability, speed, and quality of service, then Giganews may be the service that you should go with. Here’s a few of the biggest highlights they provide with their service:

  • Free access to VyprVPN for all their members.
  • All memberships get access to their Dump Truck online storage service.
  • With server locations globally, your download speeds are only limited by you.
  • Free Golden Frog Mimo newsreader. Has search integrated with full set of filters, and supports thumbnails.
  • 24/7/365 support, 100% uptime, and their 14 day free trial.

Giganews In The News

For the last year we have reported on the updates, upgrades, and improvements of all of the most popular Usenet providers. And, Giganews has had a lot of announcements and news reports on their behalf. If you would like to read a little more of the down and dirty details of the last year for Giganews, here are a few of the best of the tidbits:

There were others that we published, but we thought that you would understand.

Congratulations Giganews

And to all the development, sales, and support teams over at Giganews…you folks have worked long and hard to achieve this milestone. Not to mention all the hard work that has gone behind the reputation that you folks enjoy. A reputation of reliability, friendliness, and being the Cadillac of the Usenet providers pool. Great job guys.

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