theUsenet Giving Leap Year Usenet Special Discount

Late last year the newest Usenet provider, theUsenet, went live and offered a wide variety of block, metered, and unlimited accounts for their new service. We are happy to say that after observing and evaluating their service for a few weeks we have published a full review of their service and listed all the little details. And just as we were finishing up the review, they announced a special discount in honor of Leap Year.

Special Discount Details

The discount will last until the end of the month, and it’s simple…they have a discount on a block plan, and a discount on one of the metered plans.

  • Metered – They are giving up 29 GB monthly access, with SSL included, for the low price of $2.29. The normal price on this account is $11.10, so that makes this almost 75% off.
  • Block Plan – They are offering a 290 GB block plan for almost half off. For $17.29, you will still get the blazing speeds, and they will include the SSL gratis. This package would normally run $29.00. This discount is just a little under 50%.

A Little More About theUsenet

One of the major reasons for the difference in the amount of the discounts is that the block accounts never expire. Here are a few more of the bigger highlights about theUsenet:

  • Completion And Retention – Retention is at 1,179 days of binary retention and completion is above the 99% mark.
  • Newsgroups – 107,000 and getting more all the time. As a new service, you know they are trolling for new newsgroups all the time.
  • Connections – 50 concurrent connections are allowed on most of their accounts, but their cheaper unlimited account will only let you have 10.
  • Security And Anonymity – The allow SSL on most every account, but on the block accounts you will have to pay an extra $2.
  • Support – While they did have a few issues in the beginning, we submitted a random support ticket and got a fast friendly response…and it was the answer we expected to hear.

New Guys Trying To Get The Attention

Pretty deep discount for such a young provider, we thought. And when we checked them out, we did find their service pretty good. They don’t offer a newsreader, so you are going to have a good newsreader. The header download doesn’t count against your account either. For a more detailed rundown of theUsenet, check out what we had to say in our theUsenet Review.

Have you checked out theUesnet yet? If so tell us about your experience with their service, you can also keep up-to-date on all things Usenet by following us on Twitter. Send us a tweet to @usenetreviewz.