Tiger Usenet Review

tiger usenet Review
PricingUnlimited/month: $22.99
 70GB/month: $18.99
 15GB/month: $10.49
Retention Days
Free Trial?No
Quality99% Completion
Newsgroups #85,000 Newsgroups
Connections #8-20 Connections
PrivacySSL Available
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansYes
Block PlansNo
ServersUSA & Europe
Server Add.news.tigerusenet.com
PaymentMajor Credit Cards
Support InfoOnline Support only
Support Email
TigerUsenet is not priced competitively. We suggest you choose among our top Usenet Providers instead for an excellent Usenet service.

Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

There are no special deals or discounted pricing offered by Tiger Usenet.

Free Trial

Tiger Usenet does not have any free trial for users to test their service before subscribing.

Plan / Price Offerings

Number of packages are available, both metered and limited so let’s check which these are and how much do they cost:

Premium plans:

  • 15GB/month: $6.99
  • 35GB/month: $10.49
  • 70GB/month: $15.49
  • unlimited/month: $17.99

Premium plans with SSL:

  • 15GB/month: $10.49
  • 35GB/month: $13.99
  • 70GB/month: $18.99
  • unlimited/month: $22.99

The user as option of auto recycling which prevents the interruption of the service once the download limit is used. This option automatically renews the account 1 to 2 hours after the download limit is reached. The accounts will automatically renew each month, regardless of if the auto recycling option is chosen or not.  Let’s also mention that they have recently introduced the free trial account where a user gets 1GB of bandwidth that remains active for 3 days.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

On their website, they claim to have redundant OC12 connected servers for unequalled reliability and speed.  Tiger Usenet gives customers unlimited speed to the capability of ISP provider.  There is never any Throttling or Capping of any accounts at Tiger Usenet.  We have not tested their service to confirm if that is true.

Server farms are located both in the North America and in the Europe. Up to 20 simultaneous connections are available for unlimited accounts.  There are 4 server addresses available. The user uses particular server address according the pricing option he or she has chosen. The listing of server addresses and available ports follows:

  • news.tigerusenet.com (comes with standard 8-connection plan, available on ports 119, 23, 25, 80, 7000, 8000 and 9000)
  • eastus.tigerusenet.com and europe.tigerusenet.com (comes with premium 20-connection plan, available on ports 119, 443 and 8080)
  • secureus.tigerusenet.com (comes with SSL premium plans, available on ports 563, 80 and 81).
  • As you have probably realized from the address or the latter server, 256-bit SSL encryption is available.

Technical Notes

No other technical information listed on their website.

Quality of Service

They maintain the binary groups on their servers for up to days and the text groups up to days. The completion rate is over 99%.

Customer Service

TigerUsenet offers online support, phone support, and FAQ page.


Good retention times but so so quality and the pricing is not competitive as there are providers offering unlimited monthly bandwidth for the price they ask for some of their metered packages. Our list of the Best Usenet Providers is where you should pick a Usenet provider.