Review Review
Pricing$9.99 / Month
Retention2030111 Days
Free Trial?5 Days / 10 GB Free Trial
Quality99%+ Completion
Newsgroups #120,000 Newsgroups
Connections #30 Connections
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansNo
Block PlansNo
ServersUSA, Netherlands & Hong Kong
PaymentVisa, Mastercard and Paypal
Support InfoEmail support

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Top Rated old school Usenet provider offers an excellent deal $9.99 / month for unlimited Usenet along with a 5 day / 10 GB free trial.

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Deals / Coupons / Special Offers

Only available through UsenetReviewz – you can use our discount link above to save money with – get top quality premium and unlimited Usenet access for $9.99/month.

Free Trial Offer Details offers a 5 day money back  10 GBs  free trial. Subscribers will not be billed unless they keep their accounts open past the 10-day free trial. Also note that headers downloaded during the trial period are not counted against the 10GB trial limit.

Plan Pricing Details

Normally offers two unlimited plans – one of which includes 256-bit SSL encryption.

Rather than talk about these plans however we recommend you go with the special offer on this page which includes a free trial, 30 connections, SSL and unlimited downloads for $9.99 a month.

Block Plan Details

Block plans are not available with Only monthly unlimited plans.

Connection Speeds And Server Location Details has servers in the USA and Europe. The speed is only limited by your own ISP if you live in the USA or Europe they you are likely to have a very fast connection.

Speed Test Details

If you are interested in a  speed test, really the best way to do this is signup for their free trial and give it a try.

They explain it well on their website — Our service is capable of employing the full bandwidth of most consumer broadband connections, but if you are physically distant from our servers or have any high latency hops, your download speed may diminish has servers in the USA and Europe so again just try it out.  In our tests, we were able to regularly utilize almost all of out 10 MB/s  high speed connection with an average throughput of 1.1 MB/s. Vs Giganews Vs SuperNews Comparison Chart

Retention2030111 Days2030111221580 Days2030111 Days
Free Trial5 Day / 10GB14 Day / 10 GBnone

Technical Details:

Established in 2004 (one of the oldest Usenet providers), is a premium Usenet provider, offering the highest quality of service, 100% completion rate, highest retention rates and numerous software and services which improve the Usenet and Internet experience.

No uploading is available via It Usenet downloading only.

Customer Service Information:’s customer service appears to be good. After your initial setup you really won’t need any help however.

Quality And Message Completion:

99%+ message availability appears to be the baseline – essentially what that means in practical terms is that if you are unable to get a message it was requested to be taken down or canceled.

Security/Privacy Information’s special discount plan includes 256bit SSL encryption.

It is worth mentioning the is under US jurisdiction and subject to US law.

Here is some text taken directly from their website

  • respects the privacy of our customers and we will never sell or release any customer information.
  • does not track articles downloaded or newsgroups accessed by our customers.
  • Customer information will only be released if presented with a court order from an entity with appropriate jurisdiction.

Usenet Provider Service Conclusion:

We are recommending for their top quality service. Definitely take advantage of our discount pricing link if you are considering their service.

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