USENET Offers More than Sharing

technology screenshotIt’s easy to make political hay out of USENET groups. In fact, several politicians and figures that like to play around the fringes of the political world have tried to cast the service as something that offers nothing but access to files for pirates. The USENET system, however, is much more sophisticated and useful than this. In fact, for educators, it presents a tremendous recourse.

The USENET system was based around the idea of sharing information that was timely. In fact, the groups are referred to as “newsgroups” for that reason. The newsgroups enable users to share information and file attachments with one another and with a huge community of other users. This is why the service is so popular in part. As the service has evolved, it has become even more useful. The groups are designed in a way that sharing information is easy, fast and, unlike a lot of social networking services, very much focused on a particular topic.

Using USNET for educational purposes is one potential use that doesn’t receive enough coverage. Some of the groups are frequented by degreed, accomplished individuals who have conversation an all manner of topics. Google Groups currently archives hundreds of millions of conversations that took place on USENET servers. The USENET service used to be offered by most ISPs, but it has fallen off in popularity among ISPs in recent years. Today, it is usually offered by private companies who provide access to the system on a subscription basis. Today’s USENET, however, has all of the informational content of the USENET of the past along with the very fast Internet speeds that are available today, which makes it one of the most convenient live conversations and archives for people to search for information on many different topics.