XLned Review

xlned Review
Pricing€7.39 / Month
Retention Days
Free Trial?No
Quality99.9% Completion
Newsgroups #120,000+ Newsgroups
Connections #2-12 Connections
PrivacySSL Available
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansNo
Block PlansNo
Server Add.reader1.xlned.com
PaymentCredit Cards and more..
Support InfoEmail, Forum, FAQ page
Support Emailsupport@xlned.com

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XLned is a Dutch USENET provider that offers several different plans. The entirety of their server operation is located in Europe and all pricing is done in Euros. They offer the basic features that USENET users will expect and pricing based on speed and the number of connections you get.

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Deals / Coupons / Special Offers

This provider has a credit system for referring friends to their service. If you do so, you’ll get credits sent to your account.

Free Trial Offer Details

None listed.

Plan Pricing Details

XLned offers plans that have different top download speeds and that differ in the number of connections you’re allowed to make to the server. The provider offers plan pricing that’s based on the length of time for which you sign up. The prices given below are for 1 year subscription terms. They also offer 1- and 6-month plans, which are slightly higher in price.

  • XL Lite: 2.5Mbit, 2 connections for €2.21
  • XL Small: 5Mbit, 2 connections for €3.69
  • XL Basic: 10Mbit, 4 connections for €4.43
  • XL Plus: 20Mbit, 8 connections for €5.17
  • XL Gold: 120Mbit, 12 connections for €7.39

Block Plan Details

XLned doesn’t have block service available.

Connection Speeds and Server Location Details

Connection speeds vary depending upon your plan. The servers are all located in Europe, which might make this a good provider for those who don’t want to use US-based servers.

Speed Test Details

Coming soon.

Technical Details:

These servers have approximately 900 days of retention, which is a bit lower than many of the competitors out there. They all have SSL encryption available, however.

Customer Service Information:

XLned has a helpdesk page that includes an FAQ and personal assistance available via email. They will respond directly to questions sent over email and make an effort to reply quickly.

Quality and Message Completion:

Details not given on site.

Security/Privacy Information

XLned has their own implementation of SSL built into their servers. You can use a secure connection to prevent anyone from seeing what you’re downloading. You also have the option of downloading without encryption, if you prefer to go that route. The SSL also ensures that your traffic isn’t throttled by your ISP.

Other Nice Features

You can upload messages to USENET over your XLned connection. They have a separate upload server, so you don’t have to use part of your connection allotment for posting and another part for downloading. You can use your full allotment of connections to upload and download simultaneously.

Usenet Provider Service Conclusion:

XLned has some very nice features to it. For those who aren’t worried about having extremely long retention rates and for those who don’t mind limiting their total number of connections, there are some real advantages here. The pricing is very competitive.

The fact that their servers are all located in Europe may be advantageous or disadvantageous, depending upon your preferences and usage patterns. This provider also takes bitcoin. Between that and the SSL you can get a significant privacy benefit.

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