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Last Updated: Jan 04, 2012

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If you’ve been using Newzdroid or some other app for downloading to your Android mobile device, and putting up with intermittent crashes, or terminations, the new Android app NZB Leech may be of interest to you. Newly released right before Christmas day, we have only had a few hours to check out this highly useful Usenet downloader, but the few hours we have spent with it were impressive.

All The Important Details

Since we haven’t had a lot of time playing around with the app, we only have the basic details, so updates may be forthcoming, and maybe even a full review. For now though, here are the details:

  • Secured using SSL, great, we love our anonymity.
  • Server, connections, (up to 4,) and log-ins are configurable.
  • Deletes NZB’s when work is done.
  • Downloading to separate files is supported.
  • Testing of server and connections supported.
  • Downloads in the background, even while sleeping.

Problems, Though Small, We Noted

Even though the app isn’t in the beta testing, the developer has stated that he will be working to add a couple of functions, (unpacking and PAR2,) and he is paying attention to the comments and suggestions that are coming in. Here are a couple of things that the commenters, (and us,) have noted:

  • The native Android browser crashes during NZB downloading. Firefox and Opera, (not the mini,) worked great though.
  • Download speeds could be improved a little. We did not that dual core processor units worked great though.
  • Interface is a little rough and could look better, buit this isn’t extremely important.
  • 1 download at a time, that sucks, but can be worked around, and the developer has plans on improving this too.

From The Developer

On the application page the developer said that he has a full-time job that demands his attention, but he is continuing to work on the application and that updates to provide functions and fix issues are forthcoming.

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