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Last Updated: Dec 30, 2011

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A lot of people got a small surprise on the 28th of December… had a small malfunction and dropped offline for a few hours. According to their website, they had not just one, but two solid state hard disk drives go down on them. But don’t worry, they also had their proverbial backsides covered with backups of the data, and apparently didn’t encounter too much issue in getting the necessary hardware either.

Planned For, Protected Against, But It Still Happens

Nobody likes the inevitable hardware failure, but almost every one of us has some level of experience with it. You back up your data, often…scan HDD’s and other peripherals…benchmark and test networks, but it is bound to happen sometime, especially if you use the stuff very much. had taken the same steps the rest of us would have. But the main difference this time was that two HDD’s went away at the same time, and that complicates troubleshooting somewhat, and the recovery takes just a little bit longer.

How Much Was Lost

Nothing, nada, zilch. But they have said that it will take a few days for the data to be completely current and up-to-date. They had a backup, but it wasn’t completely current with the headers, and a few other small details, but it will only be a short time to get that data completely updated from other servers. We have to commend them for their speed in getting the situation under control so quickly. And, it isn’t always so easy to get hardware on that scale quickly.

Not An Every Day Occurrence

The odds of this kind of failure happening are incredibly against it. There are times that one malfunction can create another in another device, but in these cases, when the broken device is removed the other malfunction will disappear. That wasn’t the case here apparently. One of our staff technicians was impressed with the speed that they got the server back up and running.

A Little More About Binsearch

I guess that this incident demonstrates a bit about the teams dedication to their service. We highly recommend their search index on our website, Usenetreviews, you can check out our review of their search index. As far as we are concerned gets an “A+” for their tech service.


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