Ex.ua Temporarily Shut Down For Piracy

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2012

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Ex.ua, the largest file sharing outfit in the Ukraine, was forced tto close down…and this, just a couple of weeks after the MegaUpload shut-down. The Ukranian Interior Ministry claimed that the servers were seized for many of the same reasons that the MegaUpload site was seized…facilitating copyright infringement. 200 servers were seized that contained more than 6,000 terabytes of data on them.

Majority Of Complaints

While Ex.ua is one of the most popular file sharing sites in the Ukraine, the majority of the complaints recieved on the site come from the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, and Graphisoft…all software companies. There were complaints fromthe MPA and the RIAA though. Ex.us accounts for almoest 25% of all the internet traffic in the Ukraiine, but the 6 month investigation against the company ended in accusing them of facilitating massive software piracy.

Short-Winded Charges

In spite of their January 31st seizure of the 200 servers and 6 petabytes of data, the company, Ex.ua was back online by the end of the day on the 2nd of February. The Interior Ministry said that they were dropping the charges. Either the government found the site to be in compliance, or they allowed the owners to bring the site into compliance. According to their Facbook page, the Interior ministry dropped the demand for the seizure of the domain.

Keeping Us In The Dark

There hasn’t been a lot of information handed out concerning the temporary block of the giant file sharing service. Especially on the subject of the “why’s” and “How’s” of the reinstatement. In their initial press release about the incident, they didn’t elaborate on whether there would be content removed, or blocked, or not. We would assume that the offending material has been blocked in some way or another, or even totally removed. Check back here to find out more details about the files and whether they have been removed or just blocked in some way, as we get them.


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