LulzSec Initiates Massive Data Leak

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2011

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A lot of controversy has been surrounding the anti-immigration policy, SB1070, that was nearly passed by the state government last year. LulzSec has recently decided to launch a data leak that would reveal hundreds of different documents related to private intelligence, e-mail correspondence, phone numbers, and names of all involved parties.

LulzSec is outwardly opposed to the law and decided to expose the Arizona law enforcement and government to a lot more scrutiny.

Details on the leak have not yet been gathered, so the size and scope of the data that has been revealed is still unknown. The point is that LulzSec is responsible yet again for the leak of many classified documents and official information, and it appears that this time, their actions were motivated by politics.

Was a Member of LulzSec Arrested?

In other news, the leader of LulzSec has also be accused of illegal activity, and reports indicate that certain members may have been arrested in the United Kingdom. LulzSec denies any such occurrences, but they are the notorious hacking group.

LulzSec is also well known for launching attacks against various security agencies and law enforcement personnel. Since LulzSec is often very outward in their attempts to leak intelligence reports and other confidential data, it would seem that these activities may have caught up to them if a member was arrested by Scotland Yard.

According to a representative from Scotland Yard, a young man was arrested after a full investigation was launched. The person in question, if the report is true, was accused of violating the Computer Misuse Act and the well-known Fraud Act. However, these reports may still be erroneous since LulzSec has not gone anywhere. LulzSec is still heavily involved with their daily activities, so it is unclear exactly how this particular situation happened.


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