Legit MegaUpload Clients Recovery Chances

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2012

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The massive bust by the FBI of the massive MegaUpload network covered several continents and involved police forces from more than just a few countries. In the end they not only seized the mountains of data that they claimed was infriniging and offensive, but the seized the mountains of data that was uploaded tothe servers for legitimate non-infringing purposes. Now, we don’t condone copyright infringement and piracy, but the concerns of the legitimate customers are about their data that isn’t illegal in some way becomes our own in situations like this.

Playing Catch-Up

Just to help those of you that are in the dark concerning this issue, the FBI took the massive file-sharing facility offline on the 31st of January. Their claim is that MegaUplaod facilitates piracy, and goes as far as rewarding and compensating their biggest contributors in the copyright infringements. Officials in several countries cooperated in the bust, and in the end, cars, televisions, bank acounts, and all the other assets that were considered gained from the unscrupulous sevice had been seized…along with all the servers and mountains of data contained on them.

Law Abiding Citizens

When this event got started, there were a lot of members that cried “Foul!” And rightfully so. Amont the Petabytes of data that was confiscated are the files of many individuals and companies that weren’t breaking any laws in any of the ways that the FBI is concerned with. What about their data, they wanted to know if they would be able to recover it. As it turns out, the may be able to…

Early Reports Scared Many

The early reports surrounding this fiasco was that the data could be destroyed as early as Thursday Feb 2nd. But those reports were a little premature. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF, went to bat for the MegaUpload customers. The Department of Justice finished up with their recording of the data they needed and turned the physical servers back over to the owners, Carpathia Hosting, and Cogent communications.

Can’t Pay The Bills

Because of the freeze on their accounts the owners of MegaUpload aren’t able to pay the lease, adn rightfully the servers must be cleared and prepared for the next company that wants to lease the space. But Carpathia has partnered with the EFF and created a website, megaretrieval.com, and they have declared that the data would be safe for the moment. In their initial statement they said that 7 days notice would be given publicly before the servers are wiped.

What To Do

As of this writing, there wasn’t a total solution to exactly how your data could be recovered, but there are links on the site so you caan e-mail the EFF and stake your claim to your data. We’re sure that in the end, when the smoke clears, the members that are legitimate, will be provided the opportunity to recover their data. Right now they are looking into methods to filter out the infringing content.

Stay connected to findout the latest on the MegaUpload fiasco. As soon as the word comes out we’ll let you know how to recover your data, if you have been affected by this tragedy. To learn more about Usenet, one of the safest ways to share your content, check out our reviews and tutorials at UsenetReviews. We would also love to hear from you about this major event in the internet, so send us a Tweet to @usenetreviewz.


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