Newzbin2 Now At .Es and not .Com

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2012

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If Newzbin2 is one of your favorites, (as it is one of ours,) and you went to their website recently and got something like what you see to the right, don’t panic. They are still available, just not at the same domain name. Because of concerns surrounding U.S. law and the MPA, (and probably the FBI, CIA, DHS, and all the other secrecy entities,) they changed their domain from the .com to a .es domain. The new web address is [][1].

Calling Them Like They See Them

In the initial announcement about the change, spokesperson, Mr. White placed all the blame in the lap of the U.S. laws and the MPA. It seems that U.S. domains are being controlled by the conglomerates. In the statement it said:

“We regret the need to do this but, thanks to the retards in the US Government and the MPA, a ‘.com’ address is no longer viable. Really, any domain controlled by the US government proxy Verisign isn’t viable.”

“For the next couple of weeks we are undertaking preparations for the move. We will switch shortly after that. For legal reasons the defunct ‘’ page will not do any redirects or give links to the new sites. If you wish you can start using the .es domain straight away.”

Home Sweet Home

Well in our office, we all changed our bookmarks to reflect the change in domain name. Then went to the new place…it looked and performed just like the old site, perfectly. As in the statement, they did keep the old domain, but as you can see from the screenshot, there’s not much there, and they aren’t doing any kind of forwarding, to prevent any kind of future legal issues. We just deleted the .com and added the .es into our browser address bars, then through the magic of the internet, there they were. Don’t forget to update your bookmarks to reflect the new domain name.


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