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Last Updated: Feb 12, 2017

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PayPal no longer takes payments for, but that’s no reason to give up on joining the site. The folks at DogNZB have started taking bitcoin payments, which provide not only an alternative but, for many users, likely an improvement in payment options for signing up at the site. The site isn’t currently allowing existing users to send out invites due to the PayPal freeze, but DogNZB plans on having a new payment system set up in the next month. In the meantime, the bitcoin option is definitely worth exploring.

How it Works

You can get setup with DogNZB bitcoin payment option now at their website.The easiest way to go through the process for most users is likely to be through Coinbase, a San Francisco-based company that allows you to make purchases with bitcoin quickly and easily. The company is not a fly-by-night outfit, having over 1.5 million wallets at present and offering payment options for more than 35,000 different merchants.

You can use other services to pay via bitcoin and, if you have a wallet setup with one of them, this might be the easiest way to go for you. The Coinbase option, however, does take the mystery out of bitcoin and makes it about as intuitive as it could be.

Getting in the DogNZB House

If you want in, you might have to wait a bit for open registrations to resume. If you normally have invitations on an existing DogNZB account, you’ll have to wait until a new payment provider is set up to use them, but it’s likely that anyone who uses USENET would appreciate a membership to this site. There should be open registrations coming up very soon, so readers should keep an eye on the site to see the latest developments.

If you’ve been looking for a good NZB site, DogNZB has plenty to offer and the bitcoin option makes it possible for people to get signed up, even if there isn’t a regular payment provider set up at the moment. In fact, some users might actually prefer the bitcoin option. If you sign up, you get access to an API, a watchlist and plenty of other features. This site works with CouchPotato, Sickbeard and SABnzbd—it even supports pushes on the lattermost—so there are definitely plenty of ways that even the most advanced users should find DogNZB useful. If you can’t wait until the new paymentmethod comes out, go bitcoin and get set up now!


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