Groundhog Review 2020

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2018

Created specifically for Android devices, Groundhog is trying to take the Android Usenet market by storm. The app, which is mainly a threaded message reader, is still in the beta version, so is a little rough in the appearance category, but the app does have more than a couple of rather interesting features. Since it’s still in beta, it’s also free to the public, and as per the norm, the author is asking for feedback, and reports of any possible bugs you may find.

One of the first things we noticed about the app, is the number of languages it supports. And not only does it give you the language support in the browser, it also has the appropriate charsets for each language. This allows you to not only read the posts, but to post to the groups, too. The app will color the different levels, and thread separators are easy to notice. Here’s some more.

Main Features And Highlights Of Groundhog

  • The interface works great with the touchscreen.
  • Text sizes are adjustable.
  • Group searches, and UUencoded attachments supported.
  • Mail forwarding, and the ability to ban individual threads by either thread, or author.
  • Languages include: English, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and many others are included.
  • Starring, easy to read post levels, and messages are grouped by the thread.
  • Offline mode, and bulk downloading.

There are a few other features, and when we looked and investigated the app a little farther, we found that the author is very responsive to bug reports, and requests for assistance are answered promptly. The main complaint among the users seemed to be that the app won’t sort messages according to the users wishes, posts and headers are downloaded instead of just the headers, and encrypted connections seemed to have a few problems with certain providers.

Groundhog Summary

With the absence of the sorting functions, the newsgroups that you look through need to be pretty small. Even experienced users will find this handicap a major impediment. The client is a little rough, but the basic functions and features behind the concept seem well worth the effort. The developer is calling for assistance on cleaning up the appearance of the interface, and other areas of the client, so if you are interested, maybe you should check this one out and see if your input could be of value.


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