Newsflash Plus Review 2020

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2018

Newsflash Plus is a binary reader that promises increased performance, faster browsing, and more control through the embedded Python engine. Presently there are only versions for Windows 32 bit, and Linux 9.04 or later. The client already has many popular tools, managers, and media players integrated into it, but the embedded Python scripting engine insures that if there is something that you want it to do, that it already won’t, you can make it do it.

For the performance under the hood, the client pre-processes all the headers, to give you faster loading, and search times. This pre-processing is particularly helpful when you have heavy volume newsgroups. For further fine tuning, yu are able to tune your downloads down to the server level. SSL is on board in case you need the privacy and security, and there are a lot of other features…

Main Features And Highlights Of Newsflash Plus

  • Very fast regex and regular searching.
  • Sorting is quick, and there is view filtering.
  • Bookmarks and NZB’s are supported.
  • Support for built in.
  • Multiple servers, and TCP connections, supported.
  • Advanced connection and download management.
  • SSL encryption available.
  • Integrates well into most any media player, image viewer, or tool.
  • Python built in. This means, if the player (or some other software,) doesn’t integrate already, it probably can.

Newsflash Plus Summary

We really liked the fact that you can connect to multiple servers concurrently, and also have multiple TCP connections on each of those servers…but be careful. It is possible to quickly overload a system or connection this way. You can control the RAM, which helps this, and using the download and connection managers you can further control the situation. The interface is nice, and easy to navigate.


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