Newshosting Newsreader Review 2020

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2018


If you want a no hassle way to sign up for Usenet access, then maybe Newshosting is for you. When you sign up for their service you get a free installation of their popular newsreader client. Their newsreader was taken out of beta testing on Dec. 20th, and the link to get it will be in your control panel when you log in.

The newsreader is easy on the eyes, will run on most any operating system, and if you get it, you have Newshosting Usenet access. This newsreader is capable of automatically unpacking and repairing your downloads, has speed controls, and even an integrated search feature.

Main Features And Highlights Of Newshosting’s Newsreader.

  • Search through the entire Newshosting retention, (1,171 days.)
  • Secured through SSL encryption.
  • Search integrated into the client.
  • Automatically unpacks your downloads.
  • Automatically repairs the downloads if necessary.
  • Preview video downloads before downloading something you didn’t want.
  • Easy set-up and use.
  • Comes free with Newshosting paid access.

The client does come ready to go “straight out of the box,” but you will be able to find and set up any configuration options easily. Speed, connections, ports, and many other options are available to the user easily. SSL can be turned on and off to suit the users preferences, and the integrated search in the client is a very nice feature not offered by many newsreader clients.

Newshosting Newsreader Summary

If you have ever spent hours and bandwidth untold downloading videos only to find out that you just wasted your time and effort, then this reader may be your solution to this problem. The integrated search engine, and download previews are a couple of the coolest features, but the auto unpacking and repairing is also very handy to have around.

For the seasoned Usenet veteran, or the first time beginner, this client is an investment that won’t easily be regretted.

Here are some screenshots showing you how easy Newshosting has made everything. From start to finish:


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